Monday, April 6, 2009

Repeat POST: Please fill out Google Doc Form below!

If you go to Google Docs (enter your login and password or create an account) then go to NEW/ FORM, you will be creating a new form that allows you to collect data from as many people as are willing to respond. The data will automatically be entered in a Google spreadsheet in your Google Docs account with the same name as the name you gave the form, and each entry will be recorded in a separate row in the spreadsheet.

The form can be embedded (SEE SAMPLE BELOW) in most digital communication systems, including Blackboard, a wiki, an e-mail or a blog. If you are doing this with a full class and you have the spreadsheet open on a screen or Smartboard, as each student answers questions on the form, they will appear in the document when you refresh the page. Since the information is in a spreadsheet you can sort the information based on any criteria.

In this case I am collecting information on readers of this blog. Your answers will go into a spreadsheet in my Google Docs.

If you would like to utilize this tool for an activity in your class or school, and you would like more help in setting it up, please contact me:
Email: Bill Derry

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