Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Contemporary Literacy

A new year is about to start. 17 teachers recently attended the SUMMER ITL CAMP focusing on Contemporary Literacy. A Blackboard class has been set up for all teachers to access information about a wide range of contemporary literacy tools and concepts. All teachers will be members of the class in September.

We looked at the relative advantages of using the following tools and concepts: Smart Notebook, Flip cameras, MS MovieMaker, Diigo, Google Earth, Skype, Scratch, and strategies for determining the Usefulness and Truthfulness of information.

Planning has begun for the ITL professional development day on November 3rd for all 6-12th grade teachers. A survey will go out to all 6-12th grade teachers soon to determine the areas of most interest for that day.

ITL staff will have a full day meeting with professional development on Friday, August 28th.

Looking forward to an exciting year where more and more teachers are engaging students in learning activities which require ITL skills for success.

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