Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Collaborating with Dolphins and Panthers!

If you are a library media specialist you know that I am not talking about aquatic and land mammals. I am referring to the portable handheld devices shown below.Many library media specialists are currently using (or will soon be using) these portable handheld devices (PHDs) to inventory all of their resources. Our school media centers each have between 20,000 and 38,000 items -- so this is not a small chore.

The task is managed by the library media specialist with one or more library assistants. They work closely with parents to ensure that every item in the collection has its barcode scanned and collected by a laser beam sent from a DOLPHIN and/or PANTHER. These scans are then (sometimes easily and sometimes not) imported into our library automation system, Destiny. A report is generated which highlights problems, that individually must be reconciled in the system

Why an inventory, you ask?

An inventory is used to locate lost materials, find materials thought to be checked out to patrons, identify some materials that need to be weeded or repaired, and ensure that materials are fully organized.

Library media inventories are more "behind the scenes" events that manage, organize and support the delivery of a wide range of ITL resources to all members of our school communities.

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  1. After scanning 20,000 items during inventory, the weight of the Panther caused permanent damage to my right thumb & index finger. One must twist & turn while stretching to either of scan buttons.

    The Panther needs to be made lighter.