Thursday, May 7, 2009

Upcoming ITL Steering Committee Meeting - JUNE 3rd

On June 3rd the ITL Steering Committee Meeting will take place in the SHS LMC at 1:45. This will be the third and final meeting of the year with the chairs and representatives from each school ITL committee.

What would you like to have happen at this meeting?


  1. I'd love a discussion of how we'd like our students to progress, year by year and school by school, with new literacies: how do we see this scaffolding, building, so we're not repeating what we don't need to? What at each level is our primary area to target? And how can each level build on the previous?

  2. I would like to hear in more detail what other committees do and how often they meet. I feel our committee is not as productive or representative of the school body as it could be.
    I would also like to see our ITL committee have a brief update/report at each faculty meeting to share with the rest of the staff the issues we have been discussing. Do other schools do this?
    What should our focus be as ITL school committees? I am curious to hear how other schools address this? Again, what is done in the regular meetings? What extensions are there for the rest of the staff?
    I feel the district ITL meetings have been helpful in giving us an awareness of what can be done (e.g. Don Leu's work, Ning)I would like to have more time for sharing what we each do ala the Spotlight Blog which I have found to be very helpful. Maybe in the future Spotlight teams could present what they have done in more detail.

    Thanks for the opportunity to comment.

  3. I would also like to hear what other committees are doing to keep their committees engaged and productive. The ITL Blog has given us some ideas, but it would be good to get some new ideas for next year.

  4. Thanks for asking for our input Bill! I think it would be valuable to discuss the progression of student's along a continuum using our ITL standards. How do we measure progress?

  5. I would like to know what is the role of the building ITL committee with regards to implementing the ITL curriculum?

    I concur with earlier comments about what are the goals and work of other building ITL committees.