Tuesday, January 13, 2009


Eric Lawrence, 5th grade teacher at SES, plans for each school day in Notebook Software. A sample day (Jan. 5, 2009) is provided below. (It has been converted to a .WMV file for this blog, but you can download the notebook file to view on your computer and/or Smartboard HERE.)

Eric has added notes for the viewer in the presentation to explain how he uses each slide or group of slides. On the last slide he states, "Having a Smartboard in my room and using the Notebook software each day has changed the way I teach. It has allowed me to organize my teaching, adapt to my students, and keep track of their thoughts with ease. The manipulatives available and the ones I have created continue to make it easy to explain a variety of complex concepts to students.

Furthermore, I have started creating an index of all my Notebook files, which will allow me to use what I have already created from year to year. This will give me more time with my students and allow me to explore a variety of other teaching tools."

Use the play/pause button to control movement.
Please download the Notebook file for better viewing.

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