Friday, January 9, 2009

LLS: VoiceThread

Currently in the Long Lots 1st grade technology class, Michael Brownstein, technology teacher, is using VoiceThread to record and share students' verbal responses to fiction and nonfiction literature. (When you visit VoiceThread, BROWSE the many samples of work K through adult.) He is using Scholastic's BookFlix, a new subscription service in the elementary schools that pairs fiction and nonfiction books around specific themes or topics -- in this case Ezra Keat's The Snowy Day is paired with Katie Marsico's Snowy Weather Days.

Students go to their Blackboard page (and click on the Bookflix Book Rev button on the left hand side of the screen) and enter the listed password and logon (with some help by the classroom teacher and Mr. Brownstein). Students upload an image they have created to represent themselves and record their response to the book. In the "work in progress" below you will notice the faces on either side of the center image. These faces, called identities in VoiceThread, have a voice attached to them. You can either click on each face OR press play on the bottom center of the main viewing area, and the VoiceThread presentation will play automatically. (To get a larger view of the VoiceThread presentation, click on the VoiceThread and you will be taken to the original presentation.)

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