Monday, February 2, 2009

KHS: in Action

Recently I observed Aimee Anctil, library media specialist at KHS, work with a 5th grade class to help students create graphic organizers during a pre-search process for their study of ancient Egypt using is a free online mind-mapping tool. Teachers can make an account for a class (Ancient Egypt-5L, for example) with a password that can be used by all students in that class to create, store and share their products. (As usual when dealing with Web2.0 products, students should not use their full names and no personal information should be given.)

This is what the KHS account for one class looks like inside
(Click on image for larger view.)

Aimee described the process: "First, students completed a pre-search of 2 - 3 cultural universals that they wanted to research about ancient Egypt. After they had chosen the one with the most helpful resources, we wanted them to learn more about their cultural universal. Their job was to skim and scan a World Book Online article looking for key words that would help them expand their understanding of that cultural universal set in the context of ancient Egypt. They were encouraged to use colors and other features of the program to help organize and manage their work. We decided to use because not all students have access to Kidspiration or Inspiration at home, whereas is free and accessible to all. We posted the directions for logging in on the Assignment section of the LMC Blackboard page. Each class had their own login. We also used the recorder feature in Smart Notebook to record directions for accessing it and posted that under the login information."

Below is one example of a student's organization of ancient Egyptian concepts dealing with architecture.(Click on image for larger view.)

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