Wednesday, February 25, 2009

CMS: 6th Grade Research Project - Social Studies and ITL

6th grade social studies teachers, Glenn O'Neill and Lucille Hyland recently worked with John Horrigan, LMS, to plan and implement a research project on a disaster. After determining that there were plentiful resources, studens followed their interests around a spcific natural or man-made disaster, such as: the San Francisco earthquake, Pearl Harbor, the Irish potato famine, Hurricane Katrina, the Chernobyl nuclear meltdown, the Titanic, or the Love Canal disaster.

Students used
the online project guidelines and resources on the LMC page, which included the following:
  • Questions to consider
  • Disaster project note sheets
  • A project rubric
  • Instructions
  • Photostory Tips
  • Scanned pictures and music in the R -Drive
  • Resources to develop background knowledge
  • Specialized resources to develop more knowledge (books, magazines, Internet)
  • Suggestions for interviewing, viewing videos
  • Use of Noodletools to cite sources
This year was the first year for this Social Studies/ITL project and it was so successful that it will be done earlier in the year next year providing students with the opportunity to become oriented to their new library media center and to both apply and learn new information and technology literacy skills within a social studies context.

Here is one sample by Emily which focuses on the Irish potato famine:

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