Monday, February 23, 2009

ITL Professional Development Day

All library media specialists and technology teachers met on this professional development day in the SHS LMC. Our agenda included many topics and activities, including:
  • A discussion of the survey soon to go out to all staff about possible alternatives to the ITL Summer Institute (which, due to budgetary constraints, will not run as it has the past 2 years).
  • A review of the current status of our "Defining 21st century skills" project and the task to be undertaken by this Wednesday's ITL Steering Committee meeting using VoiceThread to add comments.
  • The creation of an ITL NING (professional social network) to share information.
  • Break-out sessions for elementary, middle and high school staff to discuss programs and services as well as possible collaborative opportunities between LMSs and technology teachers.
  • A live guided tour of by Bret Hoffman from TeachingBooks. This K-12 subscription provides background materials, audio recordings and videos on books, authors and more! We learned about the new Web 2.0 features and plan to participate in the Beta version.
  • An update on current uses of Blackboard by several teachers.
  • An update on the development of a new Internet Safety Curriculum.
  • A discussion on the due date for the K-12 Cablevision Area Nine Cable Advisory Council Video Contest and how the entries will be handled.(For more information: rules, application form and flyer)
  • A conversation (utlizing Skype) with Valerie Diggs, high school LMS at the Chelmsford High School in Chelmsford, MA. She has implemented one of the first Learning Commons in the U.S. and presented the major principles of a Learning Commons and answered questions. (Read David Loertscher's article in School Library Journal)
  • An online discussion about the possiblity of applying for the AASL National Library Media Program of the Year Award for 2010.
  • A quick look at developments in our virtual teaching and learning space in Second Life's Lighthouse Learning Island, which is managed by Kathy Schrock.
  • Looked at this video on flixxy

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