Monday, January 5, 2009

KHS: 5th grade Students Use Multiple Formats to Present their Synthesized Research

On Monday, Dec. 22nd, Kings Highway 5th grade students taught their parents and other visitors about what they learned from their research of specific topics related to their study of ancient Egypt.

Ali Moran (classroom teacher) and Aimee Anctil (library media specialist) had collaborated to work with students for 6 weeks on a Social Studies unit exploring the Cultural Universals as they appeared in ancient Egyptian culture.

Students used print and digital resources to research their chosen topics. They selected the ITL tools that they thought would best help them teach their topic to a group of visitors.

Students utilized wikis, PowerPoint, Notebook Software, and PhotoStory3 -- often connecting two or more of these products -- to engage their audience in their topics and research questions.

Many students created quizzes to assess the level of understanding of their audience members using some of the templates in the SmartBoard Activity Toolkit in Notebook Sofware. The Photostory project embedded below was created by one student to explore the arts, sports and leisure activities in ancient Egypt. This creative "commercial" was shown in segments during the ancient Egyptian sharing in the library media center.


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  2. I can speak to the effectiveness of this technology in "addressing the audience" because I saw the parent presentation in the LMC before the holiday break. A mother spoke to the whole group of parents in praise of the evolution of the "5th grade Egyptian project" citing how Ali and Aimee's collaboration and use of technology had significantly advanced student understanding of an ancient civilization.