Tuesday, March 3, 2009

LLS: Leo the Lion Reads Across America

Barbara Eilertsen, LMS and many teachers with administrators have just kicked off a month long reading adventure to celebrate the 105th anniversary of Dr. Seuss's birthday on March 2nd. The video below was shown during the live morning TV program today, March 3rd. Watch the video and you will better understand what is going on at Long Lots School.

So you now know that the school mascot, Leo the Lion, is on a long trip across the country. Barbara has put together a wiki that will be used for parent volunteers to log in the names of the books students have read (grades K-2). Students in grades 3-5 will input their own book titles. For every 100 books students read, Leo will arrive at another destination.

Leo will send postcards all along the way,and he will be tracked daily on a large map in the cafeteria. Michael Brownstein, technology teacher, is working on an interactive Google Earth tour of Leo's travels. The entire school is engaged in an information and technology literacy extravaganza.

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